Javed Khalil
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I am

Frontend Developer UI/UX Designer User Interface Designer Frontend Coder Web Developer Web Designer Software Developer WordPress Developer PHP Developer Information Architect Web Interaction Designer Blogger SEO Expert


I started web development back in 2002 and I am quite comfortable with the 'Frontend Development', 'Backend Development', 'Web Programming' and various related technologies. I use a variety of technologies and frameworks to achieve best result in my work. One of my passions is to build outstanding web apps that are visually appealing and work seamlessly on any device. I have worked with brilliant professionals, organizations, software houses, clients and learnt a lot from them. And the journey continues...!

@ Senior Frontend Developer / Full Stack Software Engineer / Team Lead
(June 2018 to onwards ... / 1+ years)
@ Senior Frontend Developer / Team Lead
(May 2015 – May 2018 / 3 years)
@ Web Designer & Developer
(1 year)
RDI Technologies
@ Web Developer
(1 year)
@ Web Designer & Developer
(1 year)
Mudmesh Studios
@ Web Developer
(1 year)
@ Web Designer & Developer
@ Web Designer & Flash Animator
AED Information Systems
@ Web Designer & Developer
SoftLogics Pvt. Limited
@ Web Developer
Tradsource / J-Modo
@ Web Designer & Developer
Alshifa Herbal
@ Web Designer & Developer
@ Founder, CEO, Chief Editor

Full BIO

I started as a web designer and HTML developer back in 2002 and grown to become a PHP developer soon after. I was introduced to blogging, WordPress, online marketing and SEO in which I attribute a large portion of my skills as both a developer and marketer alike. I have created WordPress themes, PHP plugins, HTML5/CSS3/jQuery websites and more.

I started working in software houses to polish my skills and improved my web development skills. One of my technology blog was hitting 30,000 unique visitors per single day and I was quite comfortable with its revenue. I decided to work towards becoming a full time technology author and part time developer. I left my job and worked for 4 years in this area. I experimented a lot on several areas of web engineering, WordPress, PHP, several CMS systems, SEO and article writings.

Work was steady but something about it just didn't feel right. I had the freedom to do something I enjoyed but felt like I had a large missing piece in my life. The missing piece was a community and being part of something. I decided that I needed a change in my life.

After many days of deliberation, I decided to join a software company again and started working as a senior frontend developer. Quite soon I became Front-end Team Lead. I was working on Photoshop Designs, Design to responsive HTML conversion, Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, jQuery plugins, Angularjs, WordPress frontend and backend, Magento, newsletters handling, MailChimp Email Lists and much more in collaboration with junior frontend developers. I managed and reported frontend team of junior developers. I have been actively involved in website responsiveness fixes for integrated systems and problem solving with backend developers.

As a frontend developer I have been continuously at the top of my game. I certainly learned a lot during this whole time. I have gained a significant number of friends both online and offline. My overall development skills have dramatically improved. The ability to be around so many incredibly talented people is mind blowing. It's been a long time now and I never dread being at work. There's always something new and exciting. I always feel valued at work.

Along the way I have learned ES6/7/8 and frontend technologies such as Node JS, React JS, Vue JS and Angular. I also have worked with mongoDB. I am quite comfortable with npm, yarn, webpack, Ajax, node modules, bundling, linting, transpiling, babel, TypeScript, Type checking and such essential concepts and technologies in frontend development cycle.