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I am 'MUHAMMAD JAVED KHALIL', a Full Stack Software Engineer, UI/UX and Javascript expert.

Full stack means many things if not everything. I am an information architect, entrepreneur, web interaction designer, web developer, web designer, software developer, blogger, SEO expert, WordPress developer, PHP developer, founder of some websites and blogs. I have written articles on technology, software and web programming. I have sold software on CodeCanyon, Fiverr and other online marketplaces. I have been designing structures and interfaces for websites, programming web applications and have been hanging around the internet for what looks like ever and ages.

When I work on a website, I take care of web standards, its responsiveness on any device, W3C validations, valid CSS styles, valid HTML code, valid markup language, search engine friendly code, website loading time tests, cross browsers compatibility tests, color balance, user friendly interfaces and lot more. Quality standards and best coding practices is what I am proud of in my work. I follow code sense best practices. I use comments in code. I follow good naming conventions. I keep my functions single responsibility.

I am best in what I do professionally and I am proud of it...!

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